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Technical Specifications:

Colors: CMYK or RGB (which ever will print better) Output type: bitmap File format: psd (unflattened) Fonts: vector or rasterized Images: scanned at 300 ppi Size: real DVD or Video cover (front) Class Presentation: mounted, signed with a write-up.


1. Review class notes and projects. 2. Read textbook ch. 1-3 (probably 4). 3. Brainstorm, research the Internet, and look through movie posters, video cassettes, DVDs.

Work in progress:

1. The cover can feature a comedy, Sci-Fi or any other type of movie. You make up the movie completely from your imagination. 2. Be creative and go wild. You can use real or imagined actors for the movie. Add plenty of images from other sources. Have fun with this. 3. Make the image size of the real DVD or video movie cover. 4. Use at least 5 layers including text layers. Use PHOTO CORRECTION PALLETTES. Save your image as an unflattened Photoshop document named prj1_yourname, print the project on photo quality glossy paper (buy the paper or you may ask the hub technician if there is any glossy paper available for your course), mount it on a precut blackboard, write two paragraphs, describing your work, attach the write up to the back of the board. Submit it for a class review on September 13. Participate in the class review, take notes and make necessary corrections after the class review and my grading. Save the edited version for your electronic portfolio and a web side.