Public Speaking and Presentations

"Thanks for the nice presentation you gave at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce Communication Committee meeting. Believe it or not you are one of a few web designers I have actually met face to face. It seems that many of them remain hidden in some dark room in front of their computer screens. I think it's vital that you get out in the community through presentations like you gave, along with networking at Sundowners and other functions."

---Gary Taylor, Gary Taylor Inc.


As a professional educator, business owner and designer, I have gained knowledge and experience in many aspects of life which I generously share as a public speaker. My public speaking embraces audiences of local business people at several local business groups, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, Genealogy Society, Rancho Buena Vista High School, La Jolla High School, and meetings with the San Diego press.

Two of my presentations, directly related to my career as a web and graphic designer, are reflected in this web site. Following web pages of these presentations, you will learn fundamentals of scanning techniques and web page development.

To make an arrangement for future presentations call 760-720-9088 or email at