O'Graphics Studios in Carlsbad is my enterprise specializing in the commercial design of print and web publications.

1. Company identity: logos, and trademarks
2. Stationary: letterheads, business cards,
envelopes, notepads, and mailing labels
3. Promotional: web sites, CD and slide presentations, email promotional materials, brochures, newsletters, coupons, posters, outdoor ads, invitation cards, magazines and
newspaper ads
4. Packaging: labels, wrapping and sealing products
5. Corporate: annual reports and business forms

Development Stages:
1. Industry research and brand revision
2. Consultations and evaluations of customer needs
3. Customer training
4. On site products and service analysis
5. Information organization and usability tests
6. Documentation electronic transfer, publication and archiving

In the design process, I customize clip art, create illustrations, take and restore photographs, and write text.

My web sites have transparent information architecture, based on thorough research and analysis. They contain professionally written content, elegant layout and simple navigation. They are consistent in easily recognizable and stylistically matched printed ads.