life examined


the history of ideas

aristotle and plato



Lesson 01 Jan 9, M
Ch. 1: Introduction to Synoptic Philosophy
What Synoptic Philosophy is and does?
Lesson 02 Jan 11, W
Ch. 1: From Mythology to rational Thinking
What do we mean by Greek Miracle?
Holiday-Jan 16, M. Make up work: Lesson 0 3 :
Ch. 2: Our Place in the World
How do we relate to the world and others?
Lesson 04 Jan 18, W
Ch. 2: Physical and Mental
What is our inner world?
Lesson 05 Jan 23, M
Ch. 3: Knowing and Unknowing the Real World (part1)
How do we know?
Lesson 06 Jan 25, W
First Term Exam
Ch. 3: Knowing and Unknowing the Real World (part 2)
Can we really know?
Lesson 07 Jan 30, M
Ch. 3: Mental Reconstruction of the Reality
How do we think in time and space perspective?
Lesson 08 Feb 1, W
Ch. 4: Personal and Institutional Morality
What is our moral life?
Lesson 09 Feb 6, M
Ch. 4: Philosophical Investigation of Communication
How do we make senses?
Lesson 10 Feb 8, W
Ch. 5 History in Hands of Philosophers
What is our history for us?
Lesson 11 Feb 13, M
Mid-Term Exam
Class Discussion and Philosophical Journals Presentation
Lesson 12 Feb 15, W
Ch. 6: Nature and Life
How do we understand nature and life?
Holiday-Feb 20, M. Make up work: Lesson 13
Ch. 7: Scientific Foundations of Philosophical Knowledge
What is science to us?
Lesson 14 Feb 22, W
Ch 8: Theological Issues of Immortality and Death
What else is there? What should we know for final exam?
Lesson 15 Feb 27, M
Final Exam
Lesson 16 March 1 , W
Class Presentations


ph311 January 9-March 5, 2006
1645 pm--1915pm
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Instructor: Olga Workman
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Writing Schedule
Week 1
Goal: understand the topic and purpose of the research ,
read and evaluate at least 7 online publications
Method: analytical thinking, reading and taking notes
Resourses: online publications
Additional: APA guidelines for online publications
Internet sources
Week 2
Goal: narrow your research field and establish
a tenative conclusion, read at least 1 and evaluate
at least 3 books
Method: analytical thinking, reading, taking notes
Resources: libraries and bookstores
Additional: APA guidelines for books and articles

Reference in text
Sample references
Week 3
Goal: outline ideas and organize notes
Method: brainstorming
Resources:notes, online and offline publications
Week 4 and 5
Goal: refine ides and write a draft
Method: creative writing
Resources: all the above
Week 6
Goal: clarification of ideas, revision of the first draft and
bibliographic references
Method: critical reading and editing
Additional: instructor's and peers' feedback
Week 7
Goal: proofread and plan online and class presenation
Method: summarizing
Additional: use audio and visual support

Week 8 (March 2 Class presentations)
Goal: practice and make a cogent, accurate, original and
interesting presentation

Proofreading Guidelines
Read slowly
Read from the bottom
Using Spell Check and the Thesaurus
Use online dictionaries such as
Using Find and Replace
Print and read

Grading Criteria
Accuracy and Proper Use of Citations (20%)
Evidence of Effort (20%)
Cogency of Thought (20%)
Insight (20%)
Originality (20%)

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